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**GREAT Checks-N-Balance **GREAT Checks-N-Balance [T] Text Items [T] Text Items 01.09 14.03 PPTPRNT2: PPS Tracking Report 2% 2018 CoP 23977 277 File 277CA 30/60/90 485 485s 5 day recert 5010 60 day summary 60 day summary 81A 835 999 File A/R Inquiry A/R Inquiry Abbreviation Ability Access Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Active Employee Active Employee Phone Number Active Patient Add Add / Edit Orders Add / Edit Orders Add Consulting Doctor to Order Add Employee Add Miles on Patient Statement Add New Medication Additional Documentation Request Admin Admission Admission Package Admits ADP ADR ADR Tracking Advance Care Plan Advanced Directives Adverse Aged Agency Data Agency Documents Agency FTE Aide Aide Care Plan Aide Plan Aide Plan Aide Schedule Aide Schedule Aide Visit Note Aide Visit Note Aide Weekly Alert All other billing All other billing Allergies Alliance Amerihealth Antibiotics App User Approve Requisitions April 1 AR Archive Files Article Assess Forms Assessment Assessment Type Assessment Type Assessments asterick Attach Database Attendance Attending Provider Audit Authentication Authorizations Auto-Send Balance Barnestorm Boost Barnestorm Cloud Share Barnestorm System Barnestorm Version BCBS Bedbug Bereavement Bereavement Follow Up Bereavement Tracking Billing Billing Basics Billing Codes Billing Error billing file billing folder Billing Inquiry Billing Inquiry Billing Issues Billing Statement BillingBasics BillingIssues BillingNews biz Blood Sugars Box 26 BSSWAP Build from Disciplines Build from Disciplines CAHPS Survey calendar view Cancel Cancel EOE Cannot find report can't find file can't find folder CAP CAP/PCS CAP/PCS Authorizations CAP/PCS Authorizations CAP/PCS version of Barnestorm CAP/PCS version of Barnestorm Cardinal Care Champ Care Champ Settings Care Coordination Care Coordination Care Goals Care Plan Care Plans Care Plans CareBridge Carechamp Carolina Access Carolina Access Carolina Access to NPI CrossReference Carolina Access to NPI CrossReference Carolina Complete Case Load Case Mix Weights CBSA CCN Census CERT Cert Dates Certification Change HC Change Healthcare Change Visit Info Charges Chart Chart Audit Chart Audits Chart Audits Chart Missing chart number Chat Checklist Checkwrite claim Claims claims Class Clean Up Clinic Cloud Cloud Docs Cloud Documents Cloud Error Cloud Share Feature CMS CMS 1500 Form Co Insurance Co Payment Co Sign COB Cockroach Codes Coding Cognitive Color Code Schedule comments Common ICD Codes Communication Compare Complete Required Screens Comprehensive Error Rate Testing Condition Code Condition Code 47 Conditions of Participation Consulting Doctor Contacts Continuous Care Contract Adjustment COP copy Copy Schedule coronavirus Correct Correct Visit Corrected Claims Counties County County Codes COVID COVID-19 Create Create button is grayed out Create Eligibility Verifications Create HIPAA Create Login Create RAP CSC Customize Customize order content D7 D9 Date of Service DOS Days of Service DC DDE deactivate Deadline Deductible Delete Delete employee Denial Denial Code 04529 Denials Deviation diagnosis Difficulty Directions Discharge Discharge employee Discharge Patient Report Discharge Summary discharged Disciplines Display Visits DNPW DNS Do not allow assessment to be locked until all screens are completed doctor Doctor Report Doctors Documenation Documents Documents Setup Donations Download 835 Download ERN Files Drive duplicate Duplicated Visits Eastpointe echosign Edit Edit HIPAA Payers edit note Edit PPS Episodes Edit PPS Episodes Edit Serial Numbers EDS EHR Election Electronic Signature Electronic Visit Verification Electronic Visits Verification Eligibility Eligibility Eligibility Verification Eligibility Verification email Email reports Emergency Emergency Plan Employee Employee CEU Classes Employee CEU Classes Employee Date Codes Employee Date Codes Employee Flu Vaccine Employee Involvement Employee Security Employee Security Employee Security Profile Employee Team Employee Team Code Employees EMR encrypt encryption End of Episode Claims End of Episode Claims Endocrine Enter HH Location / Hospice Facility Dates Enter Text Enter Text EOE EOE CLAIMS EOE Denials EP episode Episodes created ERN Files ERN Files Error Error 114 ESolutions Evaluation Tracking EVV EVV Billing EVV Import Visit EVV Readiness EVV User EVV Verify EVV Visits Expected Expiring 485s Expiring 485s Export Export OASIS Export OASIS Extra Billing Info Extra Billing Info F2F Face to Face Face to Face FaceToFace Facility Facility History fake network Fall Assessment Fall Assessment Fall History Fall Risk Falls Features Filing an exception Fill Form Filter FIPS Fix Chart Fix Job Code Fix Payer Flu Shot Flu Shot Billing Follow up Font Force HIPPS FormFiller Forms Funeral Home FYI Orders G Codes G0299 G0300 Gcodes Global Settings Global Settings Goal Progress GPS Hardware Requirements HbA1c HCPCS HealthConnex Healthy Blue Help Helpful Tips Herpes Zoster HH EVV HH Location HHAeXchange HHVBP HHVBP Reports HIC HIE HIPAA HIPAA 5010 HIPPS Hire HIS History HITECH HMO Home Health EVV Home Health Value Based Purchasing Homebound Hospice Hospice Admission Benefit Period Hospice Benefit Period Hospice Cap Hospice Days Hospice Days Used Prior to Admission Hospice Facility Hospice Item Set Hospice Recertification Hospital hostname How To Find Out If Patient Is Missing Info From Referral Screen HP ICD Codes ICD Codes ICD History ICD History ICD Update ICD9 ICN Edit ICN Edit Icon IDG Meeting IDT Meeting import Import Schedules Import Supplies Import Visit Charges Import Visits In Memory Of In Progress Inactivate Infection Infections Information Informational Inpatient Hospital Stay INR install Installer Package Instructions Interactions Intervention Invoice iQIES IVANS IVANs new medicare administrative contractor job code job codes Job Codes keyed by Keyed Visits knowledgebase KX modifier Lab Lab results Labels Labs LACE Last Recert Visit Late Late Clock In Late Entry Late NOA Late RAP Length of Stay Level of Care Change License Application Licensure Lifeline List LME MCOs Location Lockdown Lock Lock & charge Lock User Lock Visit Locked Out Log in Login Login History Logins Logo LUPA M0110 M1060 Mail 485s Mail 485s Mail Orders Mail Orders Managed Care Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) Manual map local drive MBI McBee MCO MCO Claims Med Builder Med History Med History Medicaid Medicaid Billing Medicaid EVV Medicaid limitations Medicaid Managed Care Medicaid Monthly Visits Medicaid TOB Medicaid Weekly Visits Medicare Medicare Advantage Plan Medicare Advantage Plan Medicare Beneficiary Identifier Medicare Cost Report Medicare Credit Balance Report Medicare Secondary Payer Medicare Secondary Payer Medication Medicine Medicines MedSign Message Messaging Microsoft MISC Misc Notes Miscellaneous Charges missing Missing Chart missing episode Missing OASIS Missing Order Missing Payment Missing Payment Missing Tabs MLN Matters MO Questions modifier Move Move Meds MSP Multiple Payers multiple visits My Patients My Recent My Recent My Recent Visits My Recent Visits My Schedule My Signature NC Medicaid NC Tracks NDC Negative Pressure Wound New Employee New Feature New G Codes New Physician New User Newsletter Next Supervisory Visit Due No Charge Visits No Visits NOA NOA Late Notice NOAs NOE Non Charge Visits Non Charge Visits Noncovered Visit nonMedicare NonPPS Nonskilled Non-Visit Entry Non-Visit Entry Non-Visit Time Non-Visit Time NonVisit Time Codes Note Codes Note Codes Notedays Notice of Admission Notice of Election Notification Notify NPI OASIS OASIS C1 OASIS Compare OASIS D OASIS Follow Up OASIS Key and Non Key Fields OASIS Progress OASIS Targets OASIS Validation Occurrence Code Occurrence Code Occurrence Span Code Office Office Codes OIG On Hold On Hold Order Builder Order Goals Builder Order not showing up Order Type Orders Orders (Beta Test) orders/goals OT Other Basic Codes Other Basic Codes Outcome Outcome-Based Quality Improvement Outcome-Based Quality Monitoring Outstanding Overlapping Overpayment Overtime oxygen Pain Palmetto Password Password Protect patient Patient Balance Patient Billing Inquiry Patient days Patient Education Patient Events Patient Histories Patient Info Patient Info Patient Portal Patient Responsibility Statement Patient Service Summary Patient Signature Patients Patients without visits Pay/Adj Codes Pay/Adj Codes Payer payer change Payer Codes Payer Codes Payers Payment Payment Reversal Payroll Payspan PCS PDF encryption PDGM PECOS pediatric Pending Orders Per Diem Per Diem Per Diems Permission Persistent Monthly Charges Personnel PGBA Pharmacies Pharmacy Charges Phone Call Physical Therapy Pictures Pill Box Setup Pillbox plan of care POC POC Codes Point of Care Point of Care ports Post Amt Billed Post Amt Billed Post Fall Post Medicaid ERA Post Medicaid ERA Post Medicare ERA Post Paper R/A Post Paper R/A Post Paper Remittances Post Payment Post Payment Posting Posting electronic remit posting error PPS PPS Billing PPS Compare PPS Episodes PPS Plus PPS Tracking PPS Tracking Report PPS Tracking Report Pre Claim Review PreClaim Review Print Print Eligibility Verifications Print Non Charge Visits Print Orders Print Patient Statement Print running list of orders Print UB04/1500 Printing Private Insurance Private Insurance Private Pay PRN procedure code Program Related Codes Programs Programs Part 1 Psychosocial PT PT / INR Purchase Order Q & A Q Code Q Codes QAPI Quality Queries Question and Answers Question and Answers Quick Guide RAP RAP Auto-Cancel RAP Claims RAP Claims RAPS Rate Increase Rates RCD Readmit Re-Admit Reason Code Reason Code 31755 Rebuild Recent Recert Recover Referral Referral Counts Referral Stats Referrals Refund Rejected Reminder Reminders Remittance Replacement Claim Replacement Claim Replacement Claims Report Reports Request for Anticipated Payment Requirements Resend Resolution Response Files Resumption Revenue Revenue codes Revenue codes Reversal Review Choice Demonstration Review Meds Review PPS Batches revocation revocation date RFA codes risk RN Supervision ROC Rollover Roster RSP File RTP Rules Same-day Dosage Sandata Sandhills Schedule Schedule Calendar Schedule Entry Schedules Scrubber Search Secondary Billing Secondary Claims Secondary Payer Security Security Level Security Level Select Patient Select Patient Selected Patients Detail Sequence Date Sequester Sequestration Service won't start Set up ERA Codes SFTP error 114 Shift a Chart Shift a Chart Shift Chart Information Shingles SHP Signature Simple Care Plan Small SOA SOC software issue software issue Software Requirements Sound Source Source of Referral Source of Referral Special 485 Special Customer Setups Special Rates SQL Staff Tips statement Stats Status Supe Visit Supervisory Visit Due Supplies Supply Supply Charges Supply Codes Supply Codes Supply Inventory Supply Inventory Supply Requisitions Supply Requisitions Surgery History Surgery History Survey Surveyor Switch a Chart Switch a Chart Switch Chart# switch users Sync Sync History Sync Schedules synchronize synchronizing syncing T1999 Tailored Plan Taxonomy Taxonomy Code T-Box Tbox codes Team Telephony Terminal Illness Terminate Terminated Employees Terms and Conditions Text text message Therapy Therapy 13, 19, 30 Therapy Visits Time Limit Time Sheet Time Sheets Time Sheets Timely Claim Filing Timeout timesheet TOB TOB 32H TOB 33 Top 10 ICD Codes Top ICD Codes TPA Track Track License Track Orders Track Orders Track Unpaid Billing Track Unpaid Billing Tracking Trading Partner Agreement Training Training Guides Transfer Transfer from another agency Transmit Transmit to NC Medicaid Transmit to NC Medicaid Transmit to Zirmed treatment authorization code Treatment Authorization Number Treatment Codes Trillium Troubleshoot Type Type of Bill Code U5065 UNBPRNT3 Unique Tracking Number United Healthcare Unlock Unlock User Unlocked Assessment Unpaid Updates User Lock Out User Name User Name UTN VA VA Claims Validation Report Validation Report Value Code Value Code 85 Value Code G8 Vaya Vendor Codes Verbal Orders Verbal Orders Version Version 5010 Veteran Vidant Video View View HIPAA Transactions View HIPAA Transactions VisionShare Visit Comments Visit Comments Visit Counts Visit Entry Visit Entry Visit Note Visit Note Visit Status Codes Visit Status Codes Visits Visits / Assessments Visits / Assessments Visits not billed Vital Signs Vital Signs Void Claim Void Claim Void Claims Volunteer Waystar Web Web-based Websites Week View Weight WellCare What was paid Windows 7 Windows XP Wound Wound Assess Wound History Wound Orders Wound Type Wound VAC Write Off Write Off zero visits Zip Codes zip file Zirmed