EVV - Changing Visits That are Inaccurate

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EVV - Changing Visits That are Inaccurate

When there is a phone malfunction or other issue, you can modify the visit as needed. This should not be done to “massage” visit times. According to NC DHHS, if the employee goes under or over time, those should be sent as they are and you should modify visits later on that week/month to ensure authorization is met. In other words, DO NOT use this method to FALSIFY times. 

1. On the EVV Visits screen, find the visit that needs the exception and click on it.
2. If the visit has a status of Charged then you will need to unlock it by clicking the padlock icon 
3. Click the Edit button at the top (or Start or Finish if you’re inputting times).
4. Change incorrect information (codes, etc). 
5. Correcting Start and End Times: Check the 'Adjust Times' box and enter the correct times into the 'Adjusted Start' and 'Adjusted End' fields (CAUTION: do NOT adjust times unless there is an issue. Not matching authorization is NOT an acceptable reason).
6. At the bottom of the screen, select the Change Reason: Caregiver error.  For the change memo, you can add something like “Caregiver forgot to clock out.”
7. Click Update Visit to save the changes. This will automatically attempt to verify the visit. 

You could also adjust the payer, job code, or visit type here, but if they are wrong here, they may need corrected on the Aide Plan, as well.

You can also add/edit Tasks on this screen. If the tasks aren’t listed, click Reload Tasks. Then you can Check All.
Uncheck any that were not completed and fill in the reason they were not completed.

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