Fax Orders Electronically with Barnestorm MedSign

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Fax Orders Electronically with Barnestorm MedSign

Sending and Receiving orders electronically via Barnestorm MedSign

There is an additional fee of $40 a month per agency database to cover electronic faxing of orders and 485s.  This will cover unlimited doctors and unlimited orders.  There is no charge for the doctor.  
Note: Electronic faxing works ONLY for doctors who have an email specified in the Doctors screen.
  1. Find an existing UNMAILED order/485 for a doctor who has an email set up in the system.
  2. Go to the mailings screen: Mailings > Mail Orders or Mailings > Mail 485s.
  3. At the top, select the doctor who has an unsent order.
  4. When the order/485 appears, click it in the top panel, Outgoing Orders/485s to Send.  The Send Via MedSign button should be enabled if setup was performed properly.  Make sure the MedSign is set to "for e-Signature" - the other option is "for written signature".  Note: You can select multiple orders for one doctor but the orders will be emailed as one order per email.  
  5. Click the Send via MedSign button.  A small window will be displayed underneath the doctor that states, "Sending document...please wait."  The process of uploading a document to MedSign is a quick process, but, does depend on your internet speed and could take a few seconds to complete.
  6. Once the document has been uploaded, it will be moved to the Incoming Electronic Orders/485s tab at the bottom. Note that there are now 2 tabs at the bottom--one for Electronic Orders/485s, and one for Paper Orders/485s.
  7. You will notice the status on the right side of the order is set to "Waiting".  The three possible status options are "Waiting," "Signed," and "Cancelled", if the doctor has refused to sign an Order/485.  To refresh the status of ALL the visible orders/485s, you simply need to click the Refresh Doc Status button.  This will be a fairly quick process and should update the status on all the orders that are on the Electronic Orders/485s panel.
  8. If an order/485 was sent mistakenly or needs changed, you can always click the Mark as Unsent button.  This removes the document from the MedSign repository and notifies the doctor that he doesn't need to sign anything.  The order/485 will also be moved back up to the top window and behave as if it was never sent.
  9. At any point during this process an order/485 can be clicked and you can click the View Audit Trail button.  This gives you a document that explains the events that have happened to this particular order/485.  This is especially useful to track orders that are not back or have been cancelled.
  10. After you have a signed order, you will want to retrieve the signed order by clicking the Get Signed Order/485 button.  This downloads the signed order/485 and displays it in a print preview window.  The signed document can be retrieved at any time from your MedSign repository to be reprinted if needed.  If you are paperless and scan patient documents to the server, while you have the signed 485 pulled up you can click on File > Export to PDF and find the location of that patient's charts to save to. 
  11. After you have printed your signed document, you can mark it as returned to remove it from the outstanding orders.  Click the Mark Returned button to do this.  This will remove the document from the bottom panel. If it still appears on the paper order/485 side, you can refresh that side and it will disappear.
  12. There are several ways you can filter your electronic orders/485s by using the bottom buttons (Recent Orders, All Waiting, All Signed, All Cancelled, sorting options).
IMPORTANT:  If you have changed your MedSign email address or password, you will need to update that information in your agency's Global Setting.  Please follow those instuctions here.

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