Add/Edit/Delete a Doctor

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Add/Edit/Delete a Doctor

Add a Doctor

1. From Barnestorm Office Main Menu click on Codes > Other Basic Codes > Doctors or from Referrals > Dr+Pharmacy screen.

2. Click the Add button. A window will pop up with a listing of codes that are available for new doctors.  You may enter the first digit of the new code to use (ie., enter a 3 if you want to use a code in the 3000 range).

3. Select one of the available codes for the new doctor or facility.

4. Add the doctor's name, being sure to select the correct referral type at the top of the page (by default it is set to 00 - Physician).  Key in the NPI if it is known. If you key in the State field, it will help narrow down the search results. 

Optional: Check the box under the Validate using NPPES to limit the search to doctors, PA's, and NP's only.

6. Once you at least have the doctors name entered click on Validate using NPPES.  A list of doctors with the criteria you have entered will appear.  Once you select a doctor you will have the option to Import Information, Import All Except Phone#s or Cancel. 

7. Once all the information has been entered click the Save button. 

Edit a Doctor

1.  From Codes > Other Basic Codes > Doctors, pull up the doctor code you want to edit.

2.  Make any changes that need to be made, then press the Save button.

Delete a Doctor

1.  From Codes > Other Basic Codes > Doctors, pull up the doctor code you want to delete.

2.  Click on the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

3.  A message will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the doctor.  Click on Yes

4.  You will get one of two messages: 
- The doctor code xxxx has been deleted    OR
- There are documents on file with this doctor code (and it will list how many of each document).  The doctor code will not delete if there are documents for the code.

NOTE:  If you have duplicated Doctor/Facility Codes, please follow instructions in this article:  Fix Duplicated Doctor/Facility Codes.

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